Sex and the City 2 Make-Up


In the new Sex and the City 2 movie, the personal makeup artists for these lovely ladies follow all the right rules of make-up! The characters always have clean and healthy skin for a beautiful and youthful look. The idea of the popular show-turned-movie is that each character is a part of every woman’s personality, and some women relate to one character over another both in attitude and personal style. So, which character are you?

Let’s “Carrie” on with a dramatic eye! Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie uses a broad array of matte and shimmer eye shadows. To recreate Carrie’s look, use Bone Eye Color under the eyebrows. On the lid, do a quick dusting of shimmer Eye Color like CashmereTinselSpanish Gold or GraphiteHoneysuckle for a perfect highlight in the inner corner of the eyes. To recreate a strong yet natural lash line, use the Black Eye Pencil in the water line, on both the top and bottom. On the outside of the lash line, use the Black Cake Eyeliner with the #100#210#900 or #910 Brush. Volumizing Mascara always frames the eyes with beautiful lashes. To finish the look, try shades of beiges and light corals to give a hint of color just like Carrie’s lips. For a soft mouth, use the perfect trio: Natural Lip PencilJust Peachy Sheer Lipstick, and Bare Lip Glaze. We have also recently recreated Carrie’s look in a recent YouTube video – click here to check it out!

If I were Samantha (played by Kim Cattrall), the “cougar in the city,” I would totally draw attention to my lips in shades of deep corals and reds! I am woman… hear me roar! To rock Samantha’s bold lip, try Mai Tai Sheer Lipstick, or for a hot red lip use Ladybug Satin Lipstick. Keep the eyes simple with matte colors such as BoneApricotWheatChamois and Taupe. For the finishing touches, coat the lashes with Volumizing Mascara.

Our redheaded voice of reason Miranda, played by Cynthia Nixon, is a workaholic! Not only does she work hard as an attorney, but she also balances her power with femininity and pulls off a variety of different looks. Occasionally, she will play up the eyes with colors like ConcordGalaxyMoss, and Graphite paired with subtle lips that can be recreated with Maple Lip Pencil and Rose Clay Sheer Lipsick. Other times, Miranda will enforce a bold lip with shades such as Havana Satin Lipstick paired with a neutral eye in shades such as BoneCashmereWheat, and Taupe Eye Colors. To complete Miranda’s look, apply a coat of Cream Mascara.

Although Kristin Davis’s character, Charlotte, struggles with her identity as a mother and wife, she still manages to look absolutely stunning. To recreate Charlotte’s look, keep it safe with Eye Colors such as BoneWheatChamois and Taupe and cradle the lashes with Cream Mascara for definition. She also embraces warmer colors on the lips with shades such as Rose ClayJust Peachy, and Mai Tai Sheer Lipsticks. In the end, it all works out in her favor – I wish I could say the same for her vintage designer skirt!

— Sean Conklin

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