Make-Up Trends: The 90’s Are Back!


Fashion trends and makeup styles go hand in hand. When an outfit is back in style, so is the make-up technique that went right along with it. Right now, the ’90s are everywhere. We’re seeing flower print leggings, belted and slouchy high-wasted pants, blazers with massive shoulder pads, and even multi-colored slouch socks sported with Keds… yes indeed, the ’90s are back!

And the make-up is not too far behind. For the face, we’re seeing a flawless matte finish accompanied with naturally contoured cheek bones. Lips are vibrant, bold, and matte – and not flamboyantly bright as in red or fuchsia. This bold lip is rich, distinct, earthy, and radiant with tones like deep burgundy or dark, brownish reds. The eyes are clearly lined and brows (although clean and precise) are a bit more pronounced. We’re also seeing lots of plum browns, muted purples, and vivid grays in the crease, accompanied with a soft lid and highlighted brow bone.

In the ’90s, popular shows like Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210 sprouted stars like Heather Locklear, Josie Bissett, and Shannon Doherty into super stardom. Their fashion sense became a social phenomenon as did the style of their make-up. Winona Ryder, Drew Barrymore and all three of the Wilson Phillips girls are personal favorites who impeccably exemplify this classically ’90s craze. I also remember fashion icons like Cindy Crawford, Nicky Taylor, and Christy Turlington at the height of their careers having mastered this look. Their perfectly made up faces plastered across fashion magazines world wide showed off the trend everyone wanted: a soft, contoured matte face and eyeliner with a bold matte lip.

Get This Look: Lips

Use MUD’s Lip Pencil in Mahogany first to line the lips, and then fill in with Blackberry Satin Lipstick. This will create the perfect ’90s lip to match those floral print leggings. Have fun!

— Reiva Cruze

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