Sex and the City 2 Make-Up: How to Create a Carrie Bradshaw Inspired Mature Make-Up Look (Part 2)

Full application of a Carrie Bradshaw inspired make-up

In Part 1 of this 2-part series, I showed you how to prepare the eyes for make-up and create a sexy smoky eye look. Now, I am going to show you how to apply make-up to the face, cheeks, and lips and then complete the look with wardrobe inspired by the movie.

In order to recreate this look, I used the following products:

CB 4 Cream Foundation
#940 Foundation Brush
Taupe Eye Color
#210 Angle Liner Brush
Lemon Cream (Highlight) Cheek Color
#350 Shadow Blender Brush
Chamois Eye Color
Sienna Eye Color
Graphite Eye Color
Onyx Eye Color
Espresso Eye Color
#300 Shadow Blender Brush
#800 Crease Brush
Black Volumizing Mascara
Sweet Cheeks Color Creme
Buttercream Loose Powder
#510 Duster Brush
Rose Beige Cheek Color
Natural Lip Pencil
Pink Freeze Lip Gloss
#310 Lip Brush

Get This Look (Make-Up):

Face: After completing the eye look in Part I, I applied CB 4 Cream Foundation to the rest of the face using the #940 Foundation Brush.

Cheeks: Before powdering, I applied Sweet Cheeks Color Creme to the apples of her cheeks and center of the cheekbone with the#940 Foundation Brush.

Face: To set the base and cheeks, I dusted a light amount of Buttercream Loose Powder with the #510 Duster Brush. Skin tends to dry and wrinkle as we age, so using this brush and a small amount of powder gave me the light application I was going for.

Lips: To recreate Carrie’s neutral pink lip look, I lined the lips with Natural Lip Pencil and finished with a generous application of Pink Freeze Lip Gloss.

Cheeks: To finish the look, I swept Rose Beige Cheek Color on the contour of her cheeks with the #510 Duster Brush. I added a little more color along the perimeter of her face for a subtle glow.

Get This Look (Wardrobe):

Whether you are working on a shoot as make-up artist or stylist or are just looking to recreate the look of your favorite star, sometimes you need to find a way to make it work on a budget. So, in addition to showing you how to apply the make-up, I wanted to let you how to achieve the wardrobe look “on a dime.”

In the promotional poster, Sarah Jessica Parker wears a Halston Heritage Dress ($525), gold Mykita and Bernard Willhelm’s Franz Limited-Edition aviator sunglasses ($249), and a sparkly multi-colored necklace (precious gem stones) from Solange Azagury-Partridge ($198,200). As expected, she sports a pair of killer heels by Christian Louboutin that cost about $3,200, reports UK’s Daily Mail. So let’s see, the total bill comes to a whopping $202,174.00!

I wanted to come as close as possible to recreate the look from the poster so I went searching and found an almost identical dress at Macy’s (Juniors) on sale for $41.30, a pair of gold aviator sunglasses at Ross Dress for Less for $5.99, a pair of gold, glittery heels at Charlotte Russe for $24.99, and a gold leather clutch from Armani Exchange, on sale at $19.99. The biggest problem was finding a necklace to match the one in the poster. After several searches, I decided to make a mock necklace myself, so I went shopping at Michael’s Arts and Crafts store. I bought a package of ‘shrinky dink’ craft plastic, traced the outline from the Solange Azagury-Partridge website, cut 3 layers out, bought some multi-colored, square cut, self-adhering, faux jewels… and voila! The necklace was re-created in plastic at a fraction of the cost for around $10. So, my “recreation” cost a measly $101.97, which is fine for my purposes.

— Pamela Hackeman

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