Sex and the City 2 Make-Up: How to Create A Carrie Bradshaw Inspired Mature Make-Up (Part 1)

Pamela Hackeman at work

Sex and the City 2, the sequel to the movie that follows the lives of the characters of “Sex and the City” television show is opening soon! Women have identified with one or more of the characters as they live and work in the big city. The most prominent character is Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, a columnist that attempts an honest look at relationships between men and women.

In this film, most of the characters have matured and grown from their single lives and have become wives and mothers. Since the film opening is close to Mother’s Day and the look is more mature and refined, I thought I would recreate Carrie’s elegant look inspired by the promotional poster from the upcoming film.

For the make-up, I noticed that Sarah Jessica Parker usually has a neutral smoky eye, lots of cheek color, neutral pink lips with a subtle shimmer, and her skin tone is on the bronzed side. Although my model has somewhat different features, her overall style is similar to Carrie Bradshaw’s look. In general, she uses a neutral, smoky palette on her eyes, a subtle shimmer on her lips, and lots of cheek color to give her a youthful glow. In order to recreate this look, I used the following products:

CB 4 Cream Foundation
#940 Foundation Brush
Taupe Eye Color
#210 Angle Liner Brush
Lemon Cream (Highlight) Cheek Color
#350 Shadow Blender Brush
Chamois Eye Color
Sienna Eye Color
Graphite Eye Color
Onyx Eye Color
Espresso Eye Color
#300 Shadow Blender Brush
#800 Crease Brush
Black Volumizing Mascara
Sweet Cheeks Color Creme
Buttercream Loose Powder
#510 Duster Brush
Rose Beige Cheek Color
Natural Lip Pencil
Pink Freeze Lip Gloss
#310 Lip Brush

Get this Look:

Face: First, with the #940 Foundation Brush, I applied CB 4 Cream Foundation mixed with Face Primer all over the eye area to base the eyes.

Eyes: Next I applied Taupe Eye Color on her brows with the #210 Angle Liner Brush. Then, with the #350 Shadow Blender Brush, I applied Lemon Cream Cheek Color under her brows and continued it under her eyes. Next, I used the #800 Crease Brush to sweep Chamois Eye Color on the crease of her eye, and then added some Sienna Eye Color to the bottom of the crease. On her lid, I used the #300 Shadow Blender Brush with Graphite Eye Color, starting at the top of her lid near the crease and blending down half way to the lash line. Next, with the same brush, I stippled Onyx Eye Color onto the lid, starting at the lash line and meeting up with the Graphite Eye Color, overlapping slightly to blend. Then, again with the #800 Crease Brush, I blended the edge of the crease with Espresso Eye Color. To complete the eye look, I applied Black Volumizing Mascara with a disposable wand.

Pamela Hackeman

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