Lady Gaga Poker Face Video “How To” Make-Up Tutorial Part 1, Face and Cheeks

Reiva Cruze at work

The blonde bombshell we can’t seem to ignore known as Lady Gaga is notorious for going all out when it comes to her make-up. She has so many great theatrical looks in her videos and performances, but I’ve chosen the look from her Poker Face video to recreate. It’s a less intense, less dramatic look than we’re used to seeing that is actually relatively easy to apply and more wearable to rock in public.

In preparation for this look, I’ve chosen the following colors and placed them into an 8-Hole Eye and Cheek Color PaletteApricot Eye Color, Tinsel Eye Color, Graphite Eye Color, Ice Eye Color, Onyx Eye Color, Espresso Eye Color, Rose Beige Cheek Color, and Cool Mauve Cheek Color.

Get This Look:

Face: First, apply WB2 Cream Foundation with a stippling motion using the #940 Foundation Brush, working from the Stainless Steel Palette and blending all the way down the neck to avoid a “floating face.” Make sure to apply foundation to the lids in order to create a base for Eye Color application. Next, apply a light dusting of a mixture of Shell and Buttercream Loose Powders using the #510 Duster Brush – this will set the foundation.

Cheeks: Apply Cool Mauve Cheek Color using the #700 Cheek Contour Brush, starting from the top of the cheekbone at the ear and pulling the product down towards the lip line, brushing upward in a stippling motion. Next, use the #710 Powder Blush Brush to blend the color in a back-and-forth, circular motion. Finally, add another layer of Cool Mauve Cheek Color with the #700 Brush and blend, adding color to the hairline, jaw line, and neck to create a healthy glow.

Eyes (Base): Apply Apricot Eye Color all over the lid and all the way up to the brow with the #340 Large Oval Brush to create a base for Eye Color application. Next, apply a thin line of Tinsel Eye Color to the crease using the #350 Shadow Blender Brush to create an outline for the eye; add a layer Graphite Eye Color in the crease for more definition. Apply a layer of Face Primer using a clean #350 Brush all over the lid to hold the Eye Color that will be applied later on, being careful not to move the product underneath. Finally, apply Ice Eye Color right on top of the color already on the lid with the #800 Crease Brush and a stippling motion.

— Reiva Cruze

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