Vera Farmiga Oscars Make-Up Style: Poised and Polished

Vera Farmiga

Poised and polished was the look for last night’s 82nd Academy Awards. The ladies’ dresses sparked in shimmering whites and soft golds, and for those who dared to stand out – hues of red or deeply saturated jewel tones. But from a style point of view, the winner of the night was Vera Farmiga. She showed us how to pull it all together from her soft undo to her “pretty in pink” dress and make-up against her porcelain skin – she was the epitome of grace and style. For your next big event, you can follow in the footsteps of this leader and keep it soft and pretty with these five easy steps.

To get Vera’s look:

1. For those of you fortunate enough to have this beautiful creamy complexion, embrace it with a very light application of MUD Cream Foundation. To get a sheer application, mix in a bit of Face Primer. To make this look last, set it with Shell Loose Powder after you’ve applied your Color Creme.

2. To accomplish that “pretty in pink” look, dab a bit of Sweet Cheeks Color Creme to the apple of the cheek.

3. For the eyes, start with MUD Bone Eye Color over the entire lid to create a base. Then, from the outside corner, apply Graphite Eye Color from the lash line to the crease just going in along the crease about half way. Gently run the color along the bottom lashes about halfway in as well. Apply with a soft hand to maintain that soft look. Then, just below the crease and starting from the inner corner, work your way out along the lid with Tinsel Eye Color. Add a little Tinsel to the inner bottom corner of the eye for some extra sparkle.

4. To add a little intensity, use MUD Black Cake Eyeliner along the top lash line, creating just a bit of a wedge to the outside corners. This will give the look just a bit of a pop. For added drama, apply a couple of clump lashes to the outer corner and finish with two coats of MUD Volumizing or Cream Mascara.

5. For the finishing touches, fill in the lips with Red Lip Pencil and then mix Sweet Cheeks Color Creme with Magnolia Lip Glaze to get that pop of pink and hint of shimmer.

— Rita Botelho

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