82ND Annual Academy Awards: Bringing It Back to “Old Hollywood Glam”

Sandra Bullock

It was as if a memo had been sent out to all who attended last night’s 82nd Annual Academy Awards indicating a dress code of classic elegance, a hint of 1950’s Hollywood glamour, and a “Mad Men” inspired style for all who waltzed the red carpet. The colors we saw were on the softer side: Meryl Streep, Elizabeth Banks, Helen Mirren, Jennifer Lopez, and Kate Winslet wore neutral tones in strapless silver, beige, off-white, white, and muted grey. Those who chose to blow us away with a burst of color like Vera Famiga, Mo’Nique, and Zoe Saldana did so with jaw-dropping magentas, warm purples & royal blues. And everywhere we looked, there were sequins, metallics, and jewels. Shimmery material and shiny fabric studded the red carpet – and it looked fabulous!

To complement these gorgeous dresses, the make-up and hair we saw was nothing short of amazing. Classic and elegant with a hint of sophistication inspired natural eye tones, bold lips and soft waves. Julianne Moore, Kate Winslet, and Cameron Diaz all had a beautiful side part and soft waves, not far off from how the lovely Veronica Lake wore her hair. Simply beautiful and clean makeup was a favorite. Using neutral colors around the eyes, lashes (of course), and warm shimmer along the cheek bone, finished with bronzer everywhere. This allowed some stars like Sandra Bullock, Vera Famiga, and Cameron Diaz to finish their look with a bright burst of color on the lip. My all around favorite looks this year were Kerri Mulligan (An Education), Rachel McAdams, Sandra Bullock (who won Best Actress for The Blind Side) and Kate.

To get Sandra Bullock’s Oscar-Winning look:

Cheeks: Using MUD’s #710 Powder Blush Brush, apply MUD Cheek Color in Rose Petal to the apple of both cheeks in a circular motion until even on both sides. To create a bit of shimmer along the cheekbone, use the #510 Duster Brush to apply a small amount of MUD Eye Color in Honeysuckle as a shimmer.

Eyes: Apply Apricot Eye Color on the lid with the #330 Shadow Fluff Brush. Then, using a blend of the Espresso and Taupe Eye Colors, blend into the crease using the #800 Crease Brush. This will give a soft, diffused definition and warm up the eye at the same time. For the brow bone, use the #320 Oval Shadow Brush to apply a combination of Honeysuckle and Bone Eye Colors for the perfect complementary highlight.

Lips: Use the Red Lip Pencil to outline the lips; fill in with the Lady Bug Satin Lipstick. To finish the look and bring out a bit of pink to the lip, Apply a tiny bit of Magnolia Lip Glaze for a bit of shine.

Make sure to check out the MUD Leading Lady Kit, which bundles the Apricot, Taupe, Espresso, and Honeysuckle Eye Colors and the Lady Bug Satin Lipstick at a special price.

Now you are ready to strut your stuff down that red carpet. You go girl!

— Reiva Cruze

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