Alice In Wonderland “White Queen” Anne Hathaway Make-Up Look

Full application of an Alice In Wonderland “White Queen” make-up

There are so many great make-up looks in Tim Burton’s new Alice in Wonderland movie, which is coming to theaters tomorrow. One of my personal favorites is Anne Hathaway’s beautiful look for the White Queen character, where the make-up artists have changed her natural skin tone to a very light, porcelain color and then contrasted it with dark brows and lips. Although this look is very dramatic, it is relatively simple to recreate using basic make-up techniques.

In preparation for this look, I’ve filled an 8-Hole Eye and Cheek Color Palette with the colors I need to create this look: Ice Eye ColorPink Grapefruit Eye ColorPink Illusion Eye ColorConcord Eye ColorEspresso Eye ColorOnyx Eye ColorWarm Bisque Cheek Color, and Rose Petal Cheek Color. This will make my color application much easier.


Get This Look:

Face: To create the very fair tone of the White Queen, I used a mixture of WB2 Cream Foundation and White from the Character Palette #2 to create my foundation. I applied the foundation to the eye area first using a MUD Professional Make-up Sponge, working in a stippling motion. Next, I set the base using Zero Loose Powder and a powder puff. I finished basing the rest of the face after I applied my eye color.

Eyes: On the eyes, I began by applying Ice Eye Color all over and around they eye with the #350 Shadow Blender Brush. This allowed me to build all the colors with a more sheer application. Using the same brush, I applied Pink Grapefruit Eye Color to the lid, blending all across the eyelid and around the eye. Next, I added Pink Illusion Eye Color to intensify the shade around the edges of the eye color. I used the #800 Crease Brush to blend the colors together and create a smoother transition. To create a subtle drop shadow, I used the#210 Angle Liner Brush and Concord Eye Color on the upper and lower lash line. The White Queen character has very dark eyebrows, so I used a mixture of Espresso and Onyx Eye Colors to fill in and shape the brows. Finally, I applied a generous coat of Volumizing Mascara and some false lashes to finish the eye look.

I then finish applying base to the rest of the face using a MUD Professional Make-up Sponge and set it again with Zero Loose Powder.

Lips: I applied Mahogany Lip Pencil starting at the cupid’s bow and working down to the corner of the lips, filling in more color as I went. To recreate the White Queen’s deep red-burgundy lips, I used a mixture of Lady Bug Satin Lipstick and Java Lip Glaze, applied with the #310 Lip Brush.

Cheeks: I completed the look by applying a small amount of cheek color using light strokes with the #510 Duster Brush and a layer of Warm Bisque and Rose Petal Cheek Colors.

— Pamela Hackeman

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