Make-Up Looks and Tips From the 67th Golden Globes

Meryl Streep

Look #1: Meryl Streep

Meryl was radiant as she won a Golden Globe for Julie and Julia. To recreate Meryl’s subtle eyes and bold lips, start with Bone Eye Color just under the eyebrow, Wheat on the lid, and Chamois on the outside corners, softly blending into the center of the crease; add Brown Cake Eyeliner along the upper lid to give definition to the eyes. Finish with a couple of coats of Volumizing Mascara. To recreate Meryl’s cheeks that were pinched with a just hint of color, try MUD Color Creme in Sweet Cheeks. And for bold lips, MUD Lip Pencil in Red is a must!! Finish the lips with a coat of Lady Bug Satin Lipstick.

Look #2: Mo’Nique

With a dramatic smoky eye and a subtle lip, Mo’Nique landed her first Golden Globe for Precious. To play up the eyes and recreate this winning look, start by keeping the brow bone neutral (Cream Foundation and Loose Powder only). In the crease, use a transitioning color such as ChamoisCanyon or Sunflower. Use a light wash of Spanish Gold on the lid for a subtle sparkle. For drama, apply Onyx Eye Color to the outside corners and blend into the crease, meeting the transitioning color and dragging to the center of the eye. Use Onyx to reinforce the outer corners if necessary. To finish the eyes, apply a couple of coats of Volumizing Mascara. Contour and warm the cheeks with Gingerbread Cheek Color. To complete this look, MUD Sheer Lipstick in Mudslide is highly recommended.

Look #3: Drew Barrymore

Winning her Golden Globe for Grey Gardens, Drew took a different approach to a smoky eye. To achieve Drew’s eyes, apply Dulce de Leche Eye Color just under the eyebrow and Galaxy on the lid, blending upward into the crease and carrying the color under the eye as a drop shadow. Make sure to connect Galaxy Eye Color on the outer corners of the eyes. To really make this look pop, use MUD Eye Pencil in Black on the upper lash line and finish the eyes with a couple of coats of Volumizing Mascara. To recreate the shape and add warmth to the face, use a light sweeping of Soft Peach Cheek Color. To finish the look, use MUD Sheer Lipstick in Mai Tai and top it off with Magnolia Lip Glaze to create a soft, pouty lip.

– Sean Conklin

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