International Student Profile: Japanese Student Kumi Ono

Kumi Ono

Make-Up Designory (MUD) is very fortunate to have many international students every year from all over the world. Recently, we were happy to have a young woman from Japan named Kumi Ono.

Kumi’s story began when she came to the United States to visit her cousin, who lives in Los Angeles. He is already a professional make-up artist, working in both beauty and special make-up effects. She was very inspired by her cousin’s career and realized she too wanted to become a make-up artist. Together, they visited our Burbank campus, took the tour, and asked lots of questions – especially about visas and the English language. Kumi, like all of our international students, found that we are very interested in making her training experience as comfortable as possible. From providing safe and comfortable housing to in-depth information on public transportation, our administrative staff was ready to answer all of her questions.

Kumi discovered that although she didn’t speak perfect English, she could understand us and follow the training. Later, Kumi enrolled in our three month Fashion Make-up Artistry Program and returned to the US. She now has an exciting career she loves.

Make-Up Designory does not require the TOEFL Test for English to enroll; all we ask is that you are comfortable with spoken English and basic reading skills. If you can read this blog, you won’t have any problems. MUD has developed an outstanding reputation for the past twelve years, which is recognized around the world. Kumi, like many other international students, discovered that wherever she wants to go to work our diploma is accepted anywhere as proof of quality training.

International students do find that financial aid is available, but obtaining assistance can be more challenging. American agencies and banks that provide educational assistance require that the applicant have a permanent address in the United States. However, many international governments have some financial assistance through their National Office or Ministry of Education. Make-Up Designory has been fortunate to be recognized as a viable education resource by several nations. We are readily available to help if any potential student has the opportunity to receive such assistance.

If you are interested in further information about our schools and programs, please feel free to review additional information for international students here or request a catalog from either of our campuses. As always, I am available to answer any questions or 818-729-9420.

— Stephen McCallum

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