Create Your Own Twilight New Moon Make-Up Look

Full application of a Twilight New Moon make-up

Twilight fever has spread across the country like wildfire. With the release of New Moon this week, fans will meet an expanded group of new characters including the Volturi Vampires, an organized coven of powerful vampires with special gifts. So, for you Twilight fans, I have recreated the dramatic look of Dakota Fanning’s new character, a Volturi Vampire named Jane.

Get This Look

Eyes: Use the #940 Foundation Brush with a sheer blend of Cream Foundations DCLA 9 and Highlight from MUD’s Highlight/Shadow Palette to prep the eyelids. After the base application, set the base with the Zero Loose Powder using the #700 Cheek Contour Brush. For the eye color, start from the lightest shadow and work your way to the darkest shadow using the #320 Oval Shadow Brush and the Bone Eye Color on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye. Next, blend Chamois Eye Color from the contour into the Bone Eye Color – make sure to blend into a soft edge. For drama, use the #350 Shadow Blender Brush to stipple Onyx Eye Color onto the eyelids, allowing the outer corner and lash line to be the darkest – connect the Onyx Eye Color to the drop shadow under the bottom lash line. The thickest area of the drop shadow should be on the outer corners, tapering into the inner corners of the eyes. To make certain that the Onyx has a soft edge, apply Tinsel Eye Color in the contour with the #800 Crease Brush. Finally, apply Black Eye Pencil on the top lash line and the top and bottom of the inner water line of the eye. For a finished look, apply short flare lashes and Volumizing Mascara with the #500 Mascara Brush.

Face (Base): For a porcelain appearance, try MUD’s Face Primer and a blend of Cream Foundations DCLA 9 and Highlight, or a blend two shades lighter than the natural skin tone. Base will vary depending on undertone and shade. You can mix the Cream Foundation and Face Primer on a Stainless Steel Palette; use a Professional Make-Up Sponge or the #940 Foundation Brush to control the coverage. Remember, vampires don’t sweat – make sure to set the base with Zero Loose Powder for a matte appearance.

Face (Contour): To shape the face and create a statuesque look, use Dual Finish Pressed Mineral Powders DFD 1, DFD 2 applied with the #510 Duster Brush. First, apply the DFD 1 directly under the cheekbones and hairline. For depth, reinforce the contour with a darker pressed powder such as DFD 2. Contour the nose with DFD 2 applied with the #340 Large Oval Brush.

Lips: For a matte lip, line and fill in the lips with MUD’s Maple Lip Pencil. Try drawing outside the natural lip line for a well-balanced lip.

— Sean Conklin

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