How to Create an Emmy Award-Winning Look


Look #1: Tina Fey

Absolutely stunning with darker eyes and neutral lips, Tina Fey has the winning look for 2009. To recreate Tina’s eyes, use MUD Eye Colors in Bone just under the eyebrow, Espresso on the lid and into the crease, and Onyx on the outside corners, softly blending into the center of the crease. Add Cake Eyeliner in Brown along the upper lid to give definition to the eyes; finish with a couple of coats of Cream Mascara. To recreate Tina’s cheeks – kissed with a just hint of color – try MUD Color Creme in Sweet Cheeks. As a subtle counterpart to dark eyes, use neutral lips. Tina’s natural lip look can be achieved using Natural Lip Pencil filled in with Rose Clay Lipstick.

Look #2: Drew Barrymore

With Drew, it’s all about fresh, clean eyes paired with luscious lips that pop! Keep eyes simple using MUD Cashmere Eye Color on the lid, Bone just under the eyebrow, and Chamois in the crease. Next, add a very thin line of MUD Cake Mascara in Black on the upper lash line and dust cheeks with a light swish of Soft Peach Cheek Color. Finally, the lips bring this look together with a gorgeous combination of Mai Tai and Ladybug Lipsticks.

Look #3: Kristin Chenoweth

A very hot look for this year’s Emmy’s, Kristin Chenoweth was a winner all the way around. “Exotic” says it all with dark eyes and nude lips. To achieve Kristin’s eyes, use MUD Honeysuckle Eye Color just under the eyebrow, Pixie on the lid, and Espresso on the crease. To really make this look pop use MUD Eye Pencil in Black on the upper and lower lash line and finish the eyes with several coats of Cream Mascara. Kristin’s cheeks are soft and barely there; to achieve this look, use a very soft touch of MUD Rose Petal Cheek Color. Nude, natural lips allow the eyes to remain the focused on this fabulous look. To get this look, try mixing Sandy Beach Lipstick with Iced Latte Lip Gloss for that perfectly natural look.

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